Welcome to the website of Idogho Emmanuel

Welcome to the website of Idogho Emmanuel, the better way to buy or sell real estate in New York, Queens , Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island Long Island and its Environ.

After you end the visit to my website, if you are convinced that you do not have all that you need to make a decision to buying a home, please do not give up. Because the decision to buy a home is not a short space decision. Therefore I encourage you to exercise caution and patience to do a due diligent search of a property that will fulfill your dream of buying property or home that will create you the joy of having a place called home.

It takes more than just walking through a house to buy or sell a dream home. This is one of the reasons you as a buyer or the seller need the expertise of a knowledgeable realtor with sound background beyond a real estate alone to conclude your buying or selling business.

When it comes to why some buildings or homes are standing and others fall, it is the same question that produces the same answer with real estate business.

Failure for some buyers or sellers to reasonably assess their realtors make them to end up with properties that entangle with financial burden. Otherwise, buying or selling a property does not have to be a stressful moment in any ones life.

Once Again, You are welcome. Remember Equal Housing is your right

Emmanuel Idogho

Realtor, RSSP, CIREC